Rome Life Hotel

"An intimate, unconventional and luxurious accommodation with a reduced number of rooms". Here goes one of the most common definition, but in Rome "boutique hotel" is able to take on a new meaning. The Rome Life Hotel is in fact the summa of all the features of this type of hotel accommodation, implemented by the concept that characterizes all the creations of the Mood Hotels Group. 

In our hotel chain's Rome boutique hotel the guest is the focus of hospitality, immersed in a series of architectural design that alternate with the finest solutions of the modern hotel industry: book now your room at the Rome Life Hotel and see firsthand what Mood Hotels has prepared for you. 

Our hotel is a true boutique in Rome center for those who want the highest level of hospitality, it is ready to welcome you with its extraordinary elegance and to give your stay a touch of exclusivity that you will hardly be able to forget. Contact now the Rome Life Hotel and check availability for the dates that most interest you, our Roma boutique hotel will surprise.